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Need a soulmate? The imprisonment dating website that provides cell-mates rather

Need a soulmate? The imprisonment dating website that provides cell-mates rather promises it could complement you with “real imprisoned men and women that searching for enjoy with somebody as you.”

  • 10:00, 18 APR 2015

a dating website for lovelorn jailbirds continues launched – eventhough lags are actually banished from using websites. says it will feel “the leading dating site throughout the uk for single inmates”.

Villains experience having their particular lines lengthened when they stuck using the web.

But blurb on the internet site was adamant they received observed “unprecedented accomplishment since their publish, helping lots of single female and male prisoners to locate a night out together online”.

‘zero orthodox internet site’

They proceeded: “Obviously the nature about this webpages plus the majority of these customers over it indicate that it is not your orthodox dating site.

“But just when your scenario may determine you cannot merely go out on a night out together later this evening, it does not mean that you’ll be refused the ability to see relationship and glee – that is in which the internet site come.

“actually, a number of our users are far more than pleased to be patient and wait to meet in order to meet an individual that they’ve be pleasant with.”

The home page regarding the website reveals a difficult searching dude perfect out from behind pubs.

‘Prison online dating can also work obtainable’

“We have helped numerous unmarried inmates throughout the british isles to uncover company, both with single males and females externally but also with other individual convicts,” the website believed.

They states get users who happen to be ex-prisoners who wish to see thieves which “understand imprisonment lifestyle” or “are nonetheless in jail”.

“There are in fact many different ways for which jail online dating can also work for your needs and lots of of them are methods we have not really thought of ourself,” the site mentioned.

“The simplest way for you yourself to discover how you can top assist you in your pursuit for camaraderie is join up these days and wait to see for your own.”

The agreements sounded a better mention.

Site disclaimer

It stated it would not shell out injuries if using the web site contributed to “emotional worry, actual injuries, and/or some other damages as a result of the appointment or telecommunications along with users on the websites”.

They added: “Never give any financial details such savings account figures or credit cards along with other customers.”

When we finally sought out customers, your website stated there are 1,959 near Aberdulais while there were only 1,668 near Cardiff. They mentioned the exact same wide variety were near Newport.


Lawyer John Spyrou was amazed through business.

He or she said: “The main dating website in the united kingdom for inmates?

“How really does that work? Inmates don’t even have the means to access the net when it comes to their unique rights in jail.

“But these men and women, whoever simply, have experienced a distinct segment available to work on this.”

No unlawful reports

The web page, licensed at firms premises as London-based endless joints Ltd, says it “does maybe not at this time run criminal record checks on the members”.

Mr Spyrou included: “i might take into account the due groundwork techniques to guard individuals whom must utilize the program.

“People may not disclosing the actual reason these people found on their own in the incorrect side of the bars.”

Aberystwyth school net expert Dr Madeline Carr recommended visitors to take care if registering on websites these were unacquainted.

“I undoubtedly won’t end up being entering my own particulars into this,” she said.

There is no tip has done all prohibited.

But Dr Carr cautioned: “You really need to be cautious exactly what internet you go to.”

Offenders firmly supervised

The Ministry of fairness believed inmates was without access to the online market place.

A source stated: “There is absolutely no indications to claim that prisoners need viewed this site.

“Offenders can simply need pc tools in the tight watch of staff members and even consequently are only allowed usage of authorised websites.”

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